Homosexual Love Shys Exist

I suspected that homosexual love-shys exist but never conclusively found one until receiving the following email from a man. I just got the book you’ve written on the subject of love-shyness. I have understood from my behavior throughout my life that something wasn’t right when it came to engaging with people in general even if I wanted to. I suppose I have a personality of a person with Asperger’s syndrome, even if I haven’t been diagnosed but I have had depression and anxiety problems all of my life. I’m 36 years old now. My first memory of this syndrome is when I asked if a girl could be my girlfriend at the age of 10. I found the whole thing extremely embarrassing.┬áNHS heroes offers next day free shipping at https://www.nhsheroes.co.uk/

This just happened inside of me and has kept on going. When I later found out I was a homosexual things didn’t become any easier of course. You mention that you’ve never seen any example of homosexuals with this problem, but I can guarantee that everything seems to point at this and I am truly a homosexual. Now you have heard of it at least one time. Well, I just started to read your book and will write back when I’ve finished it. I have also read Gilmartin’s book on the subject some years ago. If it hadn’t been for the internet I would probably never heard of anyone else having this terrible condition. I thank you for writing a book; now there are at least two books to read.

One thing that you probably will not mention but concerns me as a person is that I also have epilepsy, which may also have made my anxiety problems worse in general but also regarding this phenomenon. This is just my guessing and I’ve never really got an answer from my doctors on how epilepsy and anxiety co-exist or even trigger each other. There is just no answer regretfully.

These are strange problems, and I totally understand how it feels to be attracted to one and not being able to confront them or even to avoid them when they are trying to make a move. It’s a terrible thing that really gets to you. You just feel like someone who will be rejected because you have these problems. It’s not easy at all.